Our entire staff would love to invite you to experience the ultimate in Martial Arts and Fitness success. We have been providing children’s age-specific, development programs and adult Muay Thai, mixed martial arts and self-defense courses for almost 30 years in the Los Angeles County area. That kind of expertise is rare and we hope you will find out what everyone has been talking about!


Julio Trana Sr has over 20 years of Muay Thai experience. Before he took on Muay Thai Julio was a amateur boxer in his home country of Nicaragua. Once he moved to the U.S, he started training Muay Thai with his son Jr. Right from the begining he took on the role of an assistant for Saekson Janjira. He became a pad holder for many Champs including Rick Roufus, Maurice Smith, and even Saekson himself. Julio continues to have a passion for boxing and incorporates it when teaching Muay Thai.

When he isn’t teaching a class he is one of the head trainers for the Pro Fight team. Paired up with his son in the corner and these two are a dynamic duo.


Raymond Ayala began training for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu started at the age of 16. He meet a kid in high school that was an actual Gracie himself. He had no idea what Gracie Jiu-Jitsu was but he quickly fell in love with it. His name was Rockson Gracie, the son of Rickson Gracie. At the time, he had no idea how legendary Rickson Gracie was, he just knew that he wanted to excel in his training. He couldn’t afford the training at the time and he wasn’t living with his parents so he ended up cleaning and setting up the mats everyday before and after classes. In 2001, his friend Rockson Gracie passed away and it affected everyone, especially Rickson. Rickson stopped teaching and left the academy to one of his black belts, Henry Akins. Around this time Raymond took most of his amatuer fights which were underground fights because MMA wasn’t sanctioned in California. He had success on the ground but knew he really needed to work on my stand up skills so he sought out MMA training. Raymond continued to train in a Gi but focused a lot on No-Gi training for MMA. Rickson would travel back and forth between the U.S and Brazil to make sure the standards of Rickson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu were being implemented. In 2006, Raymond received his brown belt from the Rickson Gracie association. He also made may pro debut in 2008 but he wasn’t adequately prepared and ended up losing his first pro fight. He left Rickson’s to pursue more of an MMA oriented style of training.

A good friend of his told him that Fabricio Werdum was going to open a gym in the Marina, so he decided to check the place out. Raymond signed up after their grand opening and soon started training for his 2nd pro fight. Werdum had an intense way of teaching that he really enjoyed, Werdum would push him past that point of exhaustion. Werdum cornered Raymond for my second fight and Raymond ended winning via submission. After that, Werdum then asked him to take the black belt test, which was one of the hardest tests Raymond has ever taken. On June 21, 2010, Fabricio Werdum awarded Raymond with a black belt and asked him to help teach the morning classes. Raymond taught at the Werdum Combat Team for about 3 years and stopped to pursue his own training. Fabricio linked Raymond up with Blackhouse and he trained there up until he tore his Achilees tendon twice last year. Raymond’s vision now is to grow with a team and pass down all of the knowledge he has accumulated over the years. The universe guided him towards Saekson’s Muay Thai and the energy that’s created there is second to none to him. He is honored and determined to to help everyone achieve their goals at Saekson’s Muay Thai.


Brian is a pro Muay Thai fighter and has been training in the art of Muay Thai for about three and a half years. He has accomplished 3 national armature titles and turned pro.  What he love the most about Muay Thai is the competitiveness of the fight and what it does to your mind and body when training for a fight.  When he is teaching Muay Thai his goal is to give as much knowledge to his student as he knows and to push and motivate them as much as they could take…


Julio began his Muay Thai career from the early age of 5. He started training at the Muay Thai Academy under Saekson Janjira. From the beginning, Saekson took notice of the passion that Julio demonstrated in the art of 8 limbs. For the next 10 years he competed in over 45+ fights. He trained 6 days a week privately with Saekson and got the opportunity to train with fighters like Maurice Smith, Rick Roufus, Ernie Reyes Jr, and many other champions. After Saekson left to Texas, Julio began focusing his passion towards teaching what Mr Saekson had passed down to him. At the age of 25, Julio Jr became the youngest certified instructor under Saekson Janjira. With over 20+ years of Muay Thai experience, he is recognized as one of Saeksons top students and fighter. Although Julio ended his fighting career early, he is still recognized by many of today’s respected God fathers of Muay Thai and continues to pursue his passion of one day having one of his fighters represent Saeksons brand in the biggest stage of Muay Thai.


Keenan Lewis is a personal trainer, and a professional fighter. A strong background in collegiate, greco-roman, & freestyle wrestling left him with a thirst to keep competing. After exploring Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Muay Thai he had his first fight at just 18 years old and made his pro debut in King of the Cage just two years later. He has been chasing his passion ever since.

His favorite aspects of Muay Thai are it’s effectiveness, and physicality. Training in Muay Thai alone can keep him in top shape at all times. Keenan loves to teach and is always around to lend a hand during training. His favorite part about teaching is showing people their own power, and watching confidence & ability grow.


George Garcia is a professional fighter with a background in karate and wrestling. After being introduced to MMA he decided to become an MMA fighter, having is first pro fight in march of 2014. Ever since then he has been committed to accomplishing his goals and dreams.

His favorite aspects of Muay Thai is the physicality. Training Muay Thai keeps him in great shape. Georgie also teaches youth muay thai, with the ability of teaching and training it keeps him active throughout the year. Georgie’s favorite part about teaching is seeing the kids grow in the sport not only as an athlete but also as person.